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DIY – How I Made Homemade Pin Boards

I have taken a liking to all things crafty & DIY lately, of course, thanks to Pinterest! The first thing I wanted to tackle was homemade french pin boards. With my newfound crafty interests, I figured this would be an easy project to start off with, and it was!

So, here’s what I did…

First I had to find the cork boards. I knew I wanted them small to allow room for my homemade magnet boards (that I will be making soon using pizza pans and cookie sheets). I found a package of (4) 12″ squares at Target for under $7!! They were the perfect size!

I used two of them together to give me the thickness that I wanted. I used a staple gun to keep them together. Next, fabric!!

Would you believe I’ve never been inside a Joann Fabrics? My first trip there was overwhelming! I can’t believe it’s taken me 32 years to see what this store has to offer! I knew I wanted two different coordinating fabrics that would blend with the colors I’ve already planned on using on my magnet boards, and a separate piece to my desk that I plan on refurbishing.

I found these adorable “fabric quarters” that were just the right size, 18″ x 21″. I knew this would more than cover my 12″ cork squares with room to spare. I didn’t care that they wouldn’t cover the back. Who would see? AND, they were only $1.29 a piece! Score!

Next, break out the staple gun!

I basically just centered the cork squares in the fabric quarter and neatly pulled the excess over the backside and then, STAPLE! What fun it was to use a staple gun! *snicker*

Once I had the fabric neatly centered and stapled onto the cork square it was time to dress it up with pretty ribbon! I bought a few different designs for my two boards.

I placed the ribbon where I wanted it and then flipped it over to staple it in place. Pull taut so there isn’t any slack. There’s really no wrong way to do this part!

Here’s the boards with their “french pin board” look…

Cute, right?

Now onto the “hooks”. I want to eventually hang them from an ornate looking knob or drawer pull, so I thought I would simply use some of my extra ribbon to make a twisty hook. I stapled it to the backside of the cork board.

Not bad for my first craft project, right?

Here’s how they look above my desk. Note – my new magnet boards, once I make them, will be in the middle where the photo of my husband and me is now.

Notice the really cute magnets? They’ll be used on my magnet board. I got them from a co-worker who has an Etsy Shop named “Stuck Together Magnets”. She makes all her magnets by hand – they are fantastic!

Well, there you have it! It was super fun to make and really, really easy! It definitely gave me the urge to want to continue my recent fascination with all things crafty.

You like? Leave me a comment! Do you make things homemade? I’d love to hear from you! I could use more ideas.

My inspiration for crafty awesomeness has certainly come from Julie Ann Art, Young House Love, and A Sweet Release! Check these ladies out! They are fabulous!

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