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My 1st REAL Christmas Tree!

I’ve never had a real tree. Or at least I don’t remember ever having a real tree. The hubs and I wanted to do something a little different this year, and being we would have had to go out and buy a $100+ fake tree since ours was kaput, we decided to go another route. Boy I’m glad we did! We made plans to go to the state Farmers Market and pick out our first tree.

It was alot more fun than I’d thought it’d be! It was kinda like shopping! We went to the very first tree lot we saw; didn’t see any reason to look at the bazillion others. I’m glad we chose to stop here as the people who operated the lot were super friendly. I asked someone for help, since hubs and I were both tree virgins. I knew I wanted a tall, fat, full tree, but didn’t know much else. Our ceiling is about 9 feet tall so I knew we could get a 7 or 7.5′ tall tree easily. I grazed the lot and it was evident I was being picky. The hubs was laughing at me. The guy who was helping us walked away so I kept looking. I walked over towards the front of the lot and saw out of the corner of my eye a tree that the guy who was helping us appeared to be “fluffing up”. I said to Rich, “That’s it!” It was sort of ironic because the guy who had been helping us had walked over to get this tree for us because he said he thought I’d like it. Sweet, right? That’s North Carolina service for ya! 🙂

Their lot was based in Western North Carolina outside of Boone, NC. A beautiful area surrounded by and in the gorgeous Carolina mountains. I remember seeing a TON a tree farms when we went camping last year.

Who knows, our tree could have come from one of these farms!

Here I am with our new tree – don’t I look a little too happy?

Time to get it home and start decorating!

And the finished product…

I must say, I miss the good ‘ole fashioned multi-color lights. You know the ones that actually had RED instead of pink! But, oh well. The smell of a live frasier fir is intoxicating! It fills the whole house! LOVE it! I can’t believe it’s taken us this long to get a real tree! Now, I just need to keep my kitty from drinking the water from the basin! Don’t want to have the scene from ‘Christmas Vacation’ play out in real life! LOL!

Do you get a real tree? I’d love to see pics!

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