Peaceful baby, Creepy Mommy.

Call me creepy, but I find myself peeking into my son’s room just so I can stare at him while he sleeps. Weird, I know. Especially since it’s not always easy to get him to actually go to sleep, and stay asleep. You’d think I’d want to avoid his room at all costs, to avoid disrupting his slumber, but no… I must stare.Sometimes I want to make sure he’s “good”, i.e. no blanket wrapped where it shouldn’t be, etc. Sometimes I need to turn his white noise machine on if I forgot to turn it on. But most times he’s already sleeping, well… like a baby. And still, I peek in. He’s usually snoring just like his daddy (even though his daddy swears he doesn’t snore – YOU DO!) and looks snug as a bug.

Peaceful, snoring baby.

Happy, proud Mommy.


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