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A Great Afternoon – “Over the Rainbow”

We have a beautiful, very large lake around our house that I’ve recently starting making an effort to walk around everyday with the baby. Well, at least every other day. OK, maybe every 3 days. It’s just about 1.8 miles around, so it’s no easy-peasy walk. For me anyway. I’m a wuss. The baby on the other hand loves it. Most times he’s completely zonked out by the time we’re a 1/2 mile in. Exercise for me. Nap time for the baby. Fresh air for both. WIN WIN!

Here’s our/his view. It’s makes ME want to take a nap! 😉

Hopefully, considering the summer heat in NC, we can keep this routine up. If the baby has taught this new mom anything, it’s that routine is important!If you’re curious what the song is that I used, it’s “Over the Rainbow/A Wonderful World” by the late Hawaiian musician Israel Kamakawiwoʻole. 

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