Dining Out Like a Big Boy!

It seems like it was just yesterday that I was toting around a completely helpless newborn that wasn’t the best dining companion. Now? I have a fully energetic, eager to learn, handsy 8mo old that yearns to try anything WE are doing. Example: Sitting at the big kids table with Mom & Dad. Last night was his first time in a restaurant high chair. SUCCESS! He loved it. After thoroughly cleaning the table, I then poured out his Cheerios little by little to keep him entertained, and umm… fed.


I looked over to hubs and said, “Now we can out to lunch/dinner more!“, because prior to this monumental first time occasion, we hadn’t really taken him out to eat all that much. Call it being cautious. Scared. Maybe a little bit of both. We don’t have any family “babysitters” near us so date nights aren’t plentiful – SO, now we can go out & take little dude with us. Just have to remember to bring lots & lots of Cheerios. Or, some other sort of nutritional, purposeful kiddie food!
He approves of the big boy seat!

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