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Lazy Day (for me)

Not much to share here. Just had a lazy day. For me anyway.

Although I still went to the grocery store, folded laundry, cared for the chickens and dogs, cooked lunch and dinner, did a bunch of dishes, vacuumed, emptied trash, and emptied the cat pan. And went to the dump. And purged some winter clothes from my son’s dresser to make room for spring clothes. Oh yeah, and placed some photo enlargements I ordered into frames and placed accordingly. Can’t forget taking care of a newborn and a toddler, which included a massive blowout from my son, constant nursing sessions including additional pumping sessions (TMI?), and several wardrobe changes due to spit up, throw up and other excrements.

Wait a dang minute… How was today lazy? Holy crap Batman! But for me, this somewhat was on the lazy side. Wowza. Us mothers are awesome! A rare breed for sure.

Daddy, can you take the trash out?

I think I’ll go to bed now. 😉

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