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My Grandma, Shirley Ann Patterson

I’m a bag of mixed emotions right now. I recently discovered that my dear Grandma, who has courageously been fighting cancer for over 5 years, had a setback recently and is now having 24/7 care. Knowing this I, of course, gathered the family and drove to VA to visit with her, not knowing if I’d be given another chance. She’s been my biggest role model my entire life so there was no way I’d wait another day.

I knew what to expect since we had seen her via FaceTime the day before and I had spoken with her nurses, but I was still shocked, scared, and saddened to see her in this way. A once spritely woman, fiercely independent, talks like a sailor and makes no apologies Grandma, was on a medical bed, yet appearing to be as comfortable as she could be under the circumstances.

I spent some endearing time holding her hand, giving her sips of Pepsi, and chatting with her. For the most part she was “with” me. Other times, I couldn’t understand what she was saying. But I know she knew I was there, and that’s all that mattered.

I have no idea how much time my Grandma has left on this Earth, but what I do know is that she lived a good life and she would be proud of her legacy. She is like no other Grandma before her, and there likely won’t ever be another. I am content knowing I had my time with her, and hope others in the family feel the same. I’m praying for a miracle that she’ll snap back from this recent setback, but I’m trying to prepare myself for what may come next.

This was cathartic in many ways, so thank you all. I want to expressly send my thanks to my Dad & Donna for providing Grandma the care she deserves. I know she’s in loving hands.

Love you, Grandma. Dearly and forever.

UPDATE: My Grandma passed away peacefully 4 days after this post, on January 4th. When I have the time to give the post the attention it deserves, I will update again with my Memoriam for her.

Grandma Shirley – We Miss You!

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