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Imagine Dragons "Thunder" on a Repeat Loop

In 2016, the hit song on constant loop in our home was “Can’t Stop the Feeling” by Justin Timberlake. The year before, it was “Hello” by Adele. I even had “Let it Go” in there at some point and if I NEVER hear that song again, it’ll be fine by me. But this year, the song that the entire family can’t get enough of is “Thunder” by none other than Imagine Dragons. I swear, we must play it at least 5x a day, and that’s just during the week. The weekends? A whole different story.

We have dance parties, air guitar jam sessions, body “drumming” like crazy, etc. It’s nuts. It wears the kids out, so hey, who am I to complain? It IS a pretty cool song by a kick-ass band, so I guess it could be worse. Did I mention we also watch the music video over and over and over and over again? Yeah, we do. And, it’s weird. In fact, all their videos are really weird and I think that’s why we love them. “Radioactive” kinda freaks out our son, but freaky bears with laser eyes and a stuffed toys pulverizer creature thingy is enough to freak anybody out.

I wonder what this year’s loop song will be? We shall see.

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