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Moms Don’t Get Sick Days

It’s true. Mom’s are super human, agile, and fierce forces of nature. I mean, I might be biased since I AM a mom myself, but shoot… I deserve some credit. As Mom’s, we are constantly taking care of others. Our kids, the home, the pets, the cars, the husband, etc. You get the idea. When we get sick? HA! You better pray it’s a school day so they can get kicked out of the house so you can get some peace.

This was my week this past week. My general ickiness actually started in early January and then came back when a vengeance. Congestion, coughing, body aches, general malaise, etc. No, thank goodness I didn’t have the flu. I thought I did when I woke up one morning this past week with a fever of nearly 102, but it must have just been my body’s way of trying to “shed” me of this yucky cold/virus I have, that I can’t seem to get rid of, that I’ve had for what feels like forever. I’m ready for a sickness exorcism. For real.

The constant fluctuation of my body temperature is honestly the most annoying symptom of this cold/virus. One minute I’m so damn cold I can’t the pile the blankets on thick enough, and the next minute I’m sweating like I’m in some hot bikram yoga class. Not even kidding. It’s not pleasant.

The nose is raw, the chest and back are sore from coughing/hacking, and I’ve about worn out the “Get well soon’s” from my employer. Did I mention I just started a new job with a fantastic employer just a month ago? Yeah. Not the best time to be sick.

But alas, I am starting to feel better and more like my spritely self, which is fantastic. I don’t like feeling down and out, and I certainly don’t like having any sort of “bug” that slows me down. And, I definitely don’t like having the ick when I’m trying to spend time with my kids, even if the little rugrats grate my nerves sometimes. No one has time for that.

Now, watch my words…

My little coodie magnets will bring something home from school soon enough and we’ll be right back to the ick factor.

Joys of parenting.

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