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It’s out there. It’s everywhere. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve been following the latest on all things COVID-19 and hopefully following your local government’s advice on what to do and what not to do. Hopefully, you have NOT been hoarding toilet paper like a crazy person. I don’t get it though – What are you planning to do with all that toilet paper?

Yes, it’s scary. There’s a lot of uncertainty right now. Businesses are closing. Schools have already closed. Your local pub has likely closed. But, most importantly, people are getting SICK. And, worse, dying – This is what folks should be concerned about, not they have to try to remember the algebra lessons they learned in school. Here’s the thing… you can either choose to be a salty crab during this situation OR you can make the best of it and do the BEST you can. This is what we choose to do.

While I’m certainly not an expert on how to get through this pandemic, I DO know, as a mother, I plan on getting my family through it.

First, we’re NOT panicking. We’re not hoarding supplies and going crazy buying this and that because we think the world is ending. HINT: It’s not.

Here is how we’re making the most of it:

Operation “Clean House”
  1. Since you’re home more, keep it CLEAN!
    • Get the kids to help. It’ll help YOU, and it will keep THEM busy!
    • Make the above a routine – make it fun!
  2. Sort through all the closets – take out what you don’t need/want.
    • Collect good condition items from above and donate to a local charity. There are a LOT of folks in need right now.
    • TIP: Now that your closets are a bit lighter, you’ll be able to fill them back up when your favorite store opens back up, i.e., you’ll restimulate the economy. WINNING!
    • Get the kids to help. It’ll help YOU, and it will keep THEM busy!
  3. Get dressed every day, just like you did pre-COVID-19. Don’t be a slob. 😉
    • You may or may not be going through more laundry (based on above), but make a HABIT of doing a load of laundry every other day so you don’t get behind. You’ll thank yourself later!
    • Get the kids to help. It’ll help YOU and it will keep THEM busy!
  4. Trend Alert: Get the kids to help. It’ll help YOU, and it will keep THEM busy!
Ideas for Things to Do!
  • Take a drive. It’s fun, doesn’t affect anyone else, and who knows… you might discover something about your town you didn’t know before. Plus, it passes the time. And gas is CHEAP right now.
    • E-Family Fav: Play the “How many dogs will I see?” game. We do it every day, and it’s kind of our thing.
      • Pick a residential road that you travel every day and make it fun by getting your kid(s) to guess (ahead of time!) how many dogs they’ll see being walked by their owners. Whoever guesses correctly, WINS! It’s a friendly competition that engages the kids and has them looking UP/OUT rather than down and out.
  • Get OUTSIDE. Enjoy the fresh air!
    • Buy some sidewalk chalk and chalk it up! The kids will love it, and the aftereffect will make you smile. Smiling = Happiness
    • PLAY outside. Kick the kids out to play. Take a break from tablets, games, etc.
    • Plant some flowers, or do some general gardening. The aftereffect will make you smile. Smiling = Happiness
  • Enjoy a “family fun nightevery night!
    • Rather than staring at the TV screen, play a board game or friendly battle of Twister.
    • Put some puzzles together – the BEST way to pass some time.
    • Play trivia or charades.
  • Build a fort! Give the kids a bunch of pillows and blankets and voila! Hours of fun!
    • Get them to clean it up, too! 😉

We hope the above lists give you some inspiration on how to stay active and pass the time, while also enjoying time with your family. Think about this, you’re self-isolating and in quarantine with your family – That is NOT a bad thing.

Remember all those times you said, “I don’t have the time right now…” or “I wish I had more time to spend with my kids”. Well, now you DO. Make the most of it!

Time is the one commodity in SHORT supply that we will NOT ever get back. Remember that. Appreciate this extra time with your family, and remember, we’re all in this together.

We will ALL get through this. Together.

Disclaimer: I took my daughter to the nearby playground yesterday. I told her we were NOT going to be able to play if there were a bunch of other kids there. Thankfully, there wasn’t. She played for a bit, with every few minutes having me spritzing her hands with sanitizer, and she had a blast. I even wiped down the playground surfaces as best as I could. It was a GOOD afternoon. Had there been a bunch of kids there OR if was symptomatic OR if she was rubbing and/or wiping her face a lot, we wouldn’t have been there. We are not living in a state of fear and panic. Just cautious.

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