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COVID-19: Thoughts of Normalcy

Quarantine life isn’t easy. Having your “normal” routine turn completely upside down isn’t fun, but you know what? We needed this reset.

I’m in no way saying that it’s a good thing that people are getting sick – not even a little bit. My heart goes out to those affected by COVID-19, and I desperately want this silent enemy to go away as fast as it appeared. What I am saying is, you can choose to see the positive in the most negative of situations OR you can have negative thoughts, or worse, negative behaviors. We’ve selected a positive approach.

Others though? Not so much. 

I get it; everyone wants to go back to their “normal” and do what they want with no restrictions. Again, I get it. But, these stay-at-home orders are put in place for a reason. HEALTH. Do you think the local government wants to sabotage local businesses deliberately? The answer is NO. They are the folks we elected into office to make the tough decisions, even if some don’t agree. There comes a time when you need to have faith in the process and trust (and respect) the decisions that are made.

Boycotts and protests won’t solve anything. Not for this. I know everyone wants to be heard, and you might even feel like your civil liberties are being tested, but again, TRUST in the process. It’s the only logical thing anyone can do right now. If we are ALL patient and exercise self-discipline and a modicum of good judgment, we WILL get through this. Together. 

Being at home with my own family 24/7 hasn’t been perfect, but it hasn’t been that bad either. We enjoy being together and are natural homebodies anyway, so this wasn’t a massive challenge for us. Not being able to go to the local park/playground though, yeah… that’s the hard part. We’ve had to be creative to keep ourselves, and the kids, from going completely bat crap crazy. Our routine isn’t normal anymore, but that’s OK. We’re happy, healthy, and we’ve learned new and exciting ways to pass the time. And we’ve been together. 

Remember when you would say, “I never have time for those types of things.”

– Well, I hope the last few weeks have given you back that much needed time!

Remember this?

How about all those games, practices, birthday parties, and other errands you had on the weekends that you typically complained about as your weekends were usually spent so dang busy, come Monday, you wanted a “break.” 

– Well, hopefully, you’ve enjoyed the less hectic weekends and enjoyed the breathing room.

The point of this post was to get everyone to take a step back and focus on what is important. Focus on what you can control, not what you can’t

There is an incredible amount of people who have been stricken with COVID-19, young & old. All races. All colors. There is no barrier. It’s affected us all in some way, whether we’ve contracted the virus or not. So, take a breath. Appreciate life. Rely on your family to help you get through this. We WILL get through this! 

If you ever want to chat, I’m here. Always. 

~ E-Family Mom

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