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Sorry, it’s been a while.

Wow. My last post was nine months ago. Not cool.

The last nine months have been a mixed bag of positives, negatives, and everything in-between. No, I didn’t have a baby. Not even close. Good guess, though! 😉

A big reason why I’ve been awol was primarily due to my job. Well, the job I had. I was working way too much. But, at the time, I felt it was needed. I was working for a company preparing to go public, and there was a lot in flight. It was also a new company with a new team trying to make sense of things during COVID, with most of the group being distributed and not having the opportunity of meeting one another. It was our “normal.” I worked long hours and consistently chose work over my family, and I didn’t set personal boundaries. Lesson learned. I said “had,” didn’t I? Well, on January 15th, I was let go from my position. The word ‘blindside’ comes to mind. I never saw it coming, but then again, who does?

At the time, I thought this was my doomsday. But, it wasn’t. Of course, it not being my choice stung a bit, but business is business. I didn’t take the news well, that’s for sure – This was my career, my livelihood. It wasn’t just another job for me. But, I had to suck it up, dust off, and press on. And that’s precisely what I did.

I came home and shared the news with my husband. He took it worse than I did. But, in fairness, he’s been through this before. Twice before. Maybe I’m immune?

You might remember that I’ve experienced two other layoffs in the past three years. Layoff #1 was in 2017, and layoff #2 was in early 2020. So, this isn’t new territory for me. But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t hurt as it most certainly does. This is my career, and these “blips” hurt in more ways than one. Having to explain my “story” to recruiters is hard, and that’s if they even take the chance to call me so I can have the opportunity to explain. Based on a piece of paper alone, I don’t appear reliable, stable, etc. You get the idea. That’s not the image I want to portray.

So, when I came home on January 15th, and after I updated the husband, I immediately went to my laptop to update my LinkedIn profile, updated my resume, and reached out to those in my network that I know without a doubt have my best interest at heart. There was NO time to waste. It’s a tough time to be looking for work, i.e., COVID.

Some companies have hiring freezes, others are overly cautious, and others are hiring like crazy but are insanely competitive. I wouldn’t say I like to look at obstacles with barriers right from the start, so I applied for roles that I knew were within my wheelhouse, and I emphasized positions that I knew would challenge me and utilize my fullest potential. I was honestly thrilled with the roles I was discovering.

I found a role that spoke to me for many reasons. I applied the moment I saw the posting. I sent a personal email to the team, specifically the hiring manager. Whether it was the email or my resume alone, I received a call soon after applying. The following few days were filled with interviews, while also interviewing with other companies on other roles. After my first interview with the company that sparked my interest, I knew it was the role for me. I could feel it. Again, my career means everything to me, and I put quite a bit of scrutiny into where I spend most of my life. I was focusing on being my best self, but I was also focusing on ensuring I knew the role I was going into, to include the company overall. I was sold after my final interview. And a couple of days later, I was offered the role. That day was magic for me. I did it!

I went for the role that spoke to me, and now I have the fantastic opportunity of making it mine. I don’t take this lightly, and I have a sizeable task in front of me, but I know I can do it. And, this time, there will be a balance. There will be dedication to both my career as well as my family, in perfect harmony. Because if I’m not my best self, someone is getting slighted, and I can’t do that to those I care about, my family OR my work family.

I stand behind the notion that everything happens for a reason. I always have. Call me the eternal optimist, but I firmly believe that when you put your best version of yourself into the universe, the universe gives you back dividends and then some.

I was let go on January 15th, yes. But I know now it wasn’t rejection. It was redirection.

Stay positive folks! There’s always a silver lining!

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