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Normal – What’s That? Thoughts of the Post-COVID Culture

A year of COVID. A year of the unknown, sickness, and sadly death. A year of milestones and celebrations that didn’t happen. A year of divisiveness, even more than usual. A year of every person on the planet who knows what every other person on the planet was going through. However, did this bring us together? To me, NO. 

Here we are, a year after the initial lockdown of 2020. (Here’s our post from nearly exactly one (1) year ago today) Everyone told to shelter in place. Don’t go anywhere. Stay home. Load up on toilet paper. OK, that last one happened, but obviously, we weren’t told to load up on paper products. Quite ridiculous if you ask me. However, people were scared. They didn’t know what to expect, and they didn’t know how long they’d be told to stay home. Perhaps having a stash of toilet paper made folks feel better. People do strange things when their routines change and when their freedoms are affected. 

In the beginning, at least from what I heard and saw, people assumed we were dealing with another variant of the common cold. Or another variant of the seasonal flu. People feared what they didn’t know. Although for some, it was a cold and didn’t affect people at all. Others were severely affected and had to be taken to hospitals for emergency breathing treatments, and some had to be immediately put on ventilators. The biggest scare of COVID was that it was unpredictable as it affected people in different ways – It was hard to manage as it was initially hard to understand. Perhaps, it still is. 

But here we are a year later. We’re turning the corner, and new cases are dropping. Vaccines are becoming more and more accessible. Folks are slowly starting to feel as though they can do what they did before. But, what was that? Attend parties with no boundaries? Go everywhere without wearing a mask? Remaining socially distant by staying 4-6 ft away from the closest person near you? Is this our new normal? Have we become this desensitized? Will we ever be mutually co-existent? I sure hope so. While I’m not an anti-masker, I sure do enjoy seeing someone’s whole face, their smile, and their overall mannerisms. Call me absurd, but I appreciate that element of seeing the entire person. I feel as though this notion won’t be a reality for some time. Perhaps a long time. And, this, my friends, saddens me. 

I’m mad. Sad. Confused. All the feels. I want our way of things to go back to the way it was. I crave connections. I crave being around others. I enjoy my kids being around others. So, to be told, it’s not a good idea, and knowing that there are limitations in place, well, it makes trying to overcome the barriers much more complicated and more challenging to justify the means. 

Why did this happen? How did we get here? Don’t answer that. 

I was supposed to get my vaccine this weekend, but the pharmacy didn’t have the number of doses to meet the number of people signed up. So, wait, I must. Again. I’m not high risk, and I’m not around others who have any medical concerns, so I have no issue waiting my turn patiently so others who do need it can receive it timely. After everyone is vaccinated, I hope that our culture will slowly start to shift back to the way it was. Normal – Or, at least closer to normal than we are now. That’s not too much to ask, right? 

Have you received your vaccine? Are you looking forward to the return to normalcy? 

Stay well, everyone. 

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