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Top Tips Thursdays #2

For this Thursday’s Tip, let’s see how many know about this one. I sure didn’t until about a year or so ago and what a GAME CHANGER. This tech tip goes out to those who use the Google Suite and who are in & out of Google docs, sheets, slides, etc. on a regular basis.

Did you know that you can simply enter a couple of short words in your browser and VOILA, a new doc, sheet, or slide appears ready for action?

Time saved = HAPPINESS!

No more of this!

Give it a try! All you have to do is enter one of these URLs in your browser:


  • docs.new
  • doc.new
  • document.new


  • sheets.new
  • sheet.new
  • spreadsheet.new


  • slides.new
  • slide.new
  • presentation.new


  • forms.new
  • form.new

A blank file opens, and you can start editing right away. And, on top of all that, it will automatically be saved to your Drive folder! Easy peasy!

Am I right?

Until next time, be well!

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