The dentist. Some don’t mind going. Others avoid like the plaque. We’ve not “avoided” the dentist per se, but you wouldn’t think a young child would have all that much going on other than learning good habits and ensuring that their teeth are sparkly clean. Well, to say we were shocked when her dentist gave us her report on our last visit would be a gross understatement. But then again, we’ve been here before.

Harrison has had his fair share of dental experiences. From nearly knocking his two front teeth out in a daycare accident, to having a BAD experience with the most impatient, doesn’t-like-kids dentist ever, to having a procedure a couple of years later where he’d have to go under general anesthesia to fill a couple of cavities, repair here and there, and have not one, but 2 (TWO!) “baby crowns,” well, you could say we should have expected the same with Gwen, minus the nearly knocking her teeth out part. Phew. That was a mouthful. No pun intended.

To be told that your 5-year-old daughter has 11 cavities, 4 of which were considered to be “major,” is a gut punch to the throat. How did we fail her? How could this happen? I mean, she brushes her teeth, but we’d be lying if we said she (we) flossed. But does any other child? Every day and night? I have no idea what the culprit is, but here we were again, being told that the best course of action would be to have her go under general to get it “one and done” and essentially be given a restart. You would think that with baby teeth, no big deal, let them fall out – Well, this is true, but most of these teeth (her molars) that had the more severe decay needed to be maintained for spacing concerns, as she wouldn’t lose these teeth naturally until she’s around 11 years old or so. This is where the crown(s) comes in. AND, on top of all that, my poor baby girl had to have a root canal on one of her rear molars – It was that bad. Insert sad mama emoji here.

11 teeth out of 20 had some element of “issue.” So, next up was the treatment plan proposal. We knew it wouldn’t be cheap. Nope. Not by a long shot.

Of course, we knew we were in great hands. SHE was in great hands. The folks at Southpoint Pediatric Dentistry in Durham are nothing short of amazing. Their staff is stellar, and they make it all worthwhile, even when it does cost THOUSANDS to fix my baby girl. You read that right.

We had a few days in between receiving her check-up and the actual procedure. We used this time to get her psyched up about her appointment. We didn’t want her to be scared, and she wasn’t – She was excited! She couldn’t wait to have “pirate” teeth like her brother, but she wanted them to be “princess” teeth. She’s such a trooper.

After waking up MUCH earlier than we’re used to getting there before the sun rose, we checked in and got her prepped. She was beyond chill; I wasn’t – This is my baby girl! They took her back and gave us updates every 15-20 min or so. The entire procedure was about 1.5 hours. All agony for me. When they were done, they brought her out to me, and it was exactly as it was for Harrison. She was out of it and shivering (from the after-effects of the anesthesia). Once she came to a bit more, she wanted juice, and then she fell asleep on the ride home.

Once home, she had no idea of what happened really. She had no idea how her band-aid got on her arm (from the IV) and had no idea how they could give her the new princess teeth because they didn’t “ask her first.” Lol. I’m super happy she didn’t have any adverse effects from the procedure. She LOVES her new shiny teeth and couldn’t wait to show them off to her friends, which she did just that the very next day. As I said, she’s such a trooper, and I’m so proud of her. Rich and I are BOTH so proud of her.

Yes, we are super disciplined now, and she brushes her teeth every morning and before bed, PLUS after eating anything “gummy” or sticky, and we’ve cut back on the juice. And, no OJ after breakfast as it’s too acidic for her. Her mouth is an investment now, and we must protect it (her). 🙂

Have you had a similar experience? If so, share with me!

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