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COVID, Delta, Omicron… Please GO away!

Remember in early 2020 when everyone was hunkering down for the initial shutdown, depending on where you were? Remember thinking that this would be a “blip” in the year and would pass quickly? And then, after 6, 9, 12 months thinking, “how much longer can this go on?“. Yeah, me too. But here we are, nearly 2 years later STILL dealing with this virus and STILL dealing with a divided country, world for that matter, and in my opinion, not much better than where we were this time last year. 

Sure, some have become vaccinated. Great! Me, too. Some have had their kids (finally) vaccinated. Even greater! And then, some received their booster shots. Great all around! But, now what? We’re still masking up. We’re still facing restrictions. And, worse yet, people are still dying. A lot of people. And, it’s not getting any better. Why? I would sure love to know the answer to this. 

I’m not opposed to restrictions, although I don’t enjoy them. Who does? I don’t think anyone likes the government telling them what to do, how to do it, etc. But then again, this isn’t new. This is/was a public health issue and until everyone, and I mean everyone, understands this, we won’t reach “normalcy” anytime soon. At least, that is my opinion. And, I reserve the right to change my stance on this. 

I want 2019 back. Anyone else? 

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