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VR: We bought the Oculus Quest 2 – Do we love it?

I had heard about the latest craze with all things VR, mostly from our son, but I didn’t think we’d actually venture into the world of VR, at least not until we could build some super fancy PC to operate it. I wasn’t even thinking about the Oculus Quest, a Facebook product, as I didn’t think it was “good enough” for our snobby tech selves. Our standards are high. 😉 But, boy was I wrong.

I went rogue on this one. I didn’t tell the hubby. I didn’t ask the hubby. I just bought it. About a week before Christmas to be exact, as an afterthought present for the whole family. My son has been talking about Beat Saber for years (he’s only 9!), but I figured there’d have to be other things on there we could all enjoy, right? YES! So very yes.

To say I earned bonus points with the hubs would be an understatement. Go ahead and ask me who’s been using it the most? I’ll give you one guess. 😂

On Christmas morning, when my son opened it, his response was literally “I’m dead…” as he proceeded to walk out the front door. Mind you, he’s a bit dramatic and he didn’t really leave, but the sentiment was well noted regardless. He couldn’t believe his eyes. We finally had a VR set! This made it all worth it. To see his excitement – priceless.

After opening everything and getting the behemoth pile of wrapping paper trash out of the way (We recycle! Don’t come after me!), we started to get the Oculus set up. It took just a few minutes and then the hubs put on the headset and his first impression was “Whoa!”. I knew right then and there we had a winner. He set up his profile, and then I did mine, and then we both agreed that Beat Saber was to be our first purchase. It was only fitting.

Harrison was the first to try it out. And, it was amazing. HE was amazing, for his first time, but to see how much fun he was having, made my day. My year, really. Anything to get him out of his room where all he does is play games on his computer. At least now he was active and doing something we could all enjoy with him.

Sidenote: We bought a Chromecast for our living room TV so we could cast what was on the Oculus to our TV, that way we could all see what the person wearing the headset was seeing. Obviously, it’s not in VR, but nonetheless, it’s pretty darn cool to be able to watch, play along, or even supervise (ahem…. Rec Room).

After the boys had their first go of it, we added these games/experiences:

We had a whole plethora of games to conquer and we all dove headfirst. Well, not literally. That would have been bad. 🤕 We had to “secure our play space”, which meant clearing out a certain amount of space and ensuring our “guardian” was set up so we could tell where we were in real life when we were in VR. It sounds weird to say, but it was a much-needed and appreciated step.

Then, after several hours of the boys playing around with our new VR headset, I finally had a turn. The first thing I wanted to do was try out Wander, which is essentially putting you directly inside Google Maps as it allows you to teleport to anywhere in the world. What was my first location? Fiji. Somewhere I’ve wanted to go for a long, long time. My first impression of this app? Amazing! It’s such a simple app, but after a long day of work and hustling around with the kiddos, it’s nice to sit down (you don’t have to stand!) and go anywhere in the world. It’s my goal to find 5-10 places around the world that I can favorite to come back to just sit there and melt.

After my trip around the world, I ventured over to Beat Saber to give it a try. I mentioned earlier my son is dramatic, but I suppose you can say he got it from me. My first impression was “OH MY GOD, I’M GOING TO DIE”. Not because of nausea or feeling any sense of VR discomfort, no… I literally thought the blocks were going to hit me. 🙈 Dramatic, right? But I found my groove and I was finally able to see what all the hoopla was about. This thing is awesome! Not only did the kiddos love it, but the hubby was also going all-in on Beat Saber and was becoming quite competitive (with himself).

After a bit, I checked out the Oculus store and stumbled upon Supernatural, and I’m so glad I did. Seriously, I can’t seem to stick to anything, mostly due to my own lack of commitment, but it’s also because I don’t typically like the group exercise environment, but this I liked. A lot. And it kicked my rear! I started the trial immediately and started filling up my list of classes I wanted to try. The music is amazing and the courses are equally as amazing. Short, long, and everything in-between. Stretching, boxing, meditation, and others. It’s just what I needed.

My 1st Diamond!

It also has an incredible Facebook community cheering others on, meanwhile having a friendly amount of competition. It’s kind of like having a built-in accountability coach, or in this case, coaches! This will MY year to stay active and improve my cardiovascular health, which could use a major upgrade. Did I mention there are guest coaches, such as Tiffany Haddish? Yup! She’s amazing!

So, to answer the question, “Do we love it?” I think that would be a resounding YES. Score for mommy, since it was MY idea 😉

Do you have the Oculus Quest 2? What are your thoughts? What games should we get that we don’t have already? Let us know! See you in the VR world!

P.s. if you want to tire your kiddos out, especially when the weather outside is crappy and they can’t do much otherwise, note how hard they fall sleep after a busy day of beat sabering. 🤣

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