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You can live an entire lifetime and yet never really tell a story…
Do you ever wonder what your story will be?
Do you ever wish you could realize it now?
Life is full of the encounters you face, the paths you choose to take…
Did you take the correct one?
Do you ever wish you could rewrite your life?
Life consists of the choices you make, good and bad…
Did you make the necessary choices?
Do you have any regrets?
Life is a constant series of stories…
Did you write yours well?
Life is a living, breathing, actionable portrayal of your dreams, aspirations; it is your life.

Remember when you looked at me,
All eyes that promised to be?
All the things that could have been,
Did you see?

Ever thoughtful, evermore
Knowing they were all for me.
Wondering the state of being, 
Did you see?

Was your soul ready?
Was your mind willing?
Did you intend it forever?
Did you see?

All that can be, will.
All that should be, can. 
All that is, is. 
Did you see?

Forevermore, forever there
All I am will be
Did you see?

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